Clinics for schools

Bringing schools and sports together for young Aussies with disabilities.


School Clinics

We come to your school and run adaptive activities that promote physical fitness, social skills, and personal development in an inclusive environment.

  • 300+ School Kids Participating Across NSW
  • 6+ Schools Involved in Ongoing Programs
  • 35 Sessions Run


Our Team

Our team is grounded in professional sports expertise and extensive experience in disability and mental health services, including NDIS.


Program Overview

8-Week Tailored Program

An 8-week customised program, specifically tailored to align with your school’s unique needs and student abilities. The program includes:

  • Skill Development: Focused on enhancing physical fitness, motor skills, and social interaction.
  • Inclusive Activities: Designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all participants.

Gala Day

Following our 8-week skills program, we host a gala day where students from local schools compete, socialise, and showcase their newly developed abilities. Transport is organised by the schools.


We encourage schools to apply for Sporting Schools Funding to cover coaching. However, if unsuccessful, Sports 4 All will work with the school to cover costs. We utilise your facilities and provide all necessary coaches and staff for the program.


Educational and Developmental

  • Enhanced Motor Skills Our program improves coordination and physical agility, helping students develop better motor skills.

  • Improved Communication Abilities We encourage better teamwork and interpersonal skills, leading to improved communication abilities.

  • Increased Self-Esteem By building confidence through achievements and positive reinforcement, we help increase students’ self-esteem.

  • Social Integration Our inclusive activities promote social integration, fostering interaction among students of all abilities.


See us in action

The following schools were involved in our Greater Western Sydney development program and gala day:

  • Doonside Technology HS
  • Chifley Bidwell College
  • Riverstone HS Quakers
  • Hill HS Chifley
  • Dunheaven Chifley
  • Mount Druitt HS
  • Matraville Sports HS
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